Who we are

Welcome to Natural Foods & Cosmetics Middle East FZCO, a family owned distribution company established in 2014 in Dubai the United Arab Emirates. With a thorough education and over 18 years of knowledge and experience in the orthomolecular sector we carefully source and select unique, organic, 100% natural, products and making them available in the Middle East.

What we do

  • We create awareness about the benefits and the importance of organic and natural products.
  • We make organic and natural products available for everyone in the UAE.
  • We support and supply to: Retail, Organic Stores, Pharmacies, Holistic Centers, Fitness & Gym, Treatment Centers, Spa & Wellness and Hotels & Resorts.
  • We educate by giving lectures and share our knowledge and information.
  • We give people an alternative choice of healthy products, without harmful ingredients, not tested on animals, environmental-friendly, safe to use for the whole family, improving their health and well-being which contributes to a happy and healthy family.

We share the fascinating vision of the founders of the united union.

The two great leaders Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid who created the United Arab Emirates. A happy and peaceful land where families and children are happy together and where children’s dreams can, and do, come true. We believe in achieving our goals together. The right products in addition to a healthy lifestyle for a healthy body and mind! Through working together we achieve the dreams we share, to live in a safe and peaceful country and be happy and healthy.