Magnesium Goods

Magnesium Goods Products are health-improving and natural cosmetic products, based on magnesium for topical application. The unique cosmetic products are safe, pleasant and an effective way for magnesium uptake. The magnesium chloride comes straight from the unique source 2500 meter underground in Poltava, Ukraine. The magnesium goods products are certified by the Scientific Research Institute of Balneology in Odessa and GMP certified.

Magnesium Body Scrub

Magnesium Scrub

Magnesium scrub for skin cleansing and moisturizing Effectively peels off dead skin cells Improves blood micro-circulatory flow and lymph drainage Perfectly moisturizes the skin Must-have in cases of cellulite, hair in-growth and skin laxity Laminaria, Avocado Oil, Coconut and Jojoba Granules. Cleanses the skin and old epidermis cells. Stimulates blood circulation and facilitates better penetration …

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Magnesium Gel for Nails

Magnesium Goods Gel for Nails

Magnesium gel for nails restoration and strengthening. 100% Natural Magnesium Gel is a special product for strengthening nail enamel and cuticle care. 53,5% of Mg. Strengthens nails due to high magnesium content Restores damaged nail plate after nail extensions, shellac, frequent polishing Takes soft care of your cuticle, filling it with necessary minerals and micro-elements …

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Magnesium Lotion

magnesium lotion

Natural Magnesium lotion for Moistening and Skin Care. Restores the barrier function of the skin. Softly and safely saturates your body with magnesium. Perfect for children and sensitive skin. Fills body with magnesium in a gentle and careful way Moisturizes the skin after shower and bath For sensitive and dry skin For children and adults …

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Magnesium Bubble & Shower Relax Gel

Aromatic gel on the basis of natural magnesium with ethereal lavender oil for baths and shower. Cleanses gently and moisturizes the skin Enriched with minerals and micro-elements Relaxes, calms, prepares for sleep Due to the combination of ethereal lavender oil and natural magnesium Perfect for children and sensitive skin After having a shower your skin …

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Magnesium Toothpaste

Magnesium Toothpaste for teeth and sensitive gums care+ A new toothpaste with calcium and thyme ethereal oil. Reduces inflammation and gingival bleeding, indicated for treating periodontitis Strengthens enamel due to high magnesium content Does not contain fluoride, parabens and other harmful substances GMP Certified production Magnesium Toothpaste gently cleanses and polishes enamel without damaging it, …

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