Magnesium and sport

Dosage and use for sports

Zechsal magnesium dosage and use for sports

It has been clinically proven that people who train intensively have a greater need for magnesium. On average, 400 mg of supplementation per day is a good magnesium balance to start with. We recommend a combination of Zechsal bath flakes and magnesium oil. A foot bath with 150 grams of magnesium flakes in (3 to …

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Zechsal magnesium and sport

zechsal magnesium ans sports in dubai united arab emirates

Zechsal magnesium is used by international athletes and sports teams around the world. Zechsal contains magnesium chloride, which occurs naturally in the body. The magnesium in Zechsal is easily absorbed in a natural way by the human body through the skin tissue directly entering the cells. These characteristics and its high concentration make Zechsal ideal …

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