Topical magnesium

Application and use Zechsal

Zechsal magnesium-application-and-use

Zechsal products are not tested on animals, don’t contain any preservatives and are 100% natural. The pure magnesium in Zechsal is absorbed in a natural way by the body through the skin. Zechsal contains magnesium chloride, which occurs naturally in the body. It is not possible to take in too much topical magnesium, since any …

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Zechsal pure magnesium information

Zechsal Pure Magnesium is an ancient mineral From The Zechstein Sea. The active ingredient in Zechsal is magnesium chloride, a mineral in its purest and most effective form. Zechsal products contain the highest possible concentration of pure magnesium. What Is magnesium Magnesium is the third human life-essential after oxygen and water. Magnesium encourages more than …

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Topical absorption

topical absorption

Many people could use more of this essential mineral. The magnesium content of food is ever decreasing. Zechsal topical magnesium chloride absorbs optimally through the skin (the human largest organ) and makes its way straight to our cells, muscles and bones where needed. A safe, convenient, and easy method of increasing magnesium levels in our …

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