Pure magnesium spa treatments


Rejuvenating Magnesium Immersion Once you experience soaking in pure power magnesium you will feel revived and restored to new life and vigor. Magnesium is a miracle mineral in its purest and most effective form unpolluted by humans and our environment with the highest natural quality for topical applications. Warm water infused with pure magnesium from …

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Organic Foods & Cafe Supermarkets


Find our products @ Organic Foods & Cafe, founded in 2004, Organic Foods and Cafe currently supplies over 10,000 hormone and chemical free products directly from their organic supermarkets located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Store Locations: Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai 459 Sheikh Zayed Road Sun-Thu: 7:45am to 9:00pm 7:45am to 10:30pm Fri-Sat: 8.00am …

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Find our products @Ripe

Ripe Organic Local Farm Fresh Store locations: Ripe Organic Farm Shop Palm Jumeirah Address: Shoreline Building 7 & 8, Ground floor, Next to Riva Beach Club, Palm Jumeriah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ripe Organic Shop, Al Manara Dubai8 A Street,Al Manara Street, Near Al Manar Mosque, Near Al Wasl Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates …

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The Journey Of Zechsal


Magnesium is the third human life-essential after oxygen and water. Magnesium has super-power benefits. It boosts the activity of the immune system; aids in building a healthy (alkaline) balance and strong internal fitness to stay resilient to both physical and emotional stress. This miraculous mineral improves quality of sleep, promotes detoxification and is used as …

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Dosage and use for sports

Zechsal magnesium dosage and use for sports

It has been clinically proven that people who train intensively have a greater need for magnesium. On average, 400 mg of supplementation per day is a good magnesium balance to start with. We recommend a combination of Zechsal bath flakes and magnesium oil. A foot bath with 150 grams of magnesium flakes in (3 to …

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Zechsal magnesium and sport

zechsal magnesium ans sports in dubai united arab emirates

Zechsal magnesium is used by international athletes and sports teams around the world. Zechsal contains magnesium chloride, which occurs naturally in the body. The magnesium in Zechsal is easily absorbed in a natural way by the human body through the skin tissue directly entering the cells. These characteristics and its high concentration make Zechsal ideal …

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Application and use Zechsal

Zechsal magnesium-application-and-use

Zechsal products are not tested on animals, don’t contain any preservatives and are 100% natural. The pure magnesium in Zechsal is absorbed in a natural way by the body through the skin. Zechsal contains magnesium chloride, which occurs naturally in the body. It is not possible to take in too much topical magnesium, since any …

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Why we need magnesium


Zechsal magnesium is pure and powerful it’s good for your heart and keeps your muscles flexible, your bones strong, your hormones in check and your mind sharp. Zechsal magnesium is “the spark of life” Magnesium and Health Magnesium is the third human life-essential after oxygen and water. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of different activities …

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Causes of magnesium deficiency

Cause of low magnesium levels in the human body

The cause of low-level magnesium in the human body may arise from food choice, availability of high magnesium foods, plus illness, use of certain pharmaceuticals, and genetic factors. Even people with a balanced diet rich in magnesium can suffer from magnesium deficiency. A magnesium poor diet is very common nowadays as our food is rich …

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Recommended magnesium intake

The magnesium Recommended Daily Intake Dubai Health Authority

The recommended daily magnesium intake is a guideline determined by the Health Council that indicates how much magnesium we need on average per day in order to remain healthy. The magnesium intake differs from men to women: Women: 250-300 mg/day (NB: 50 mg more for breastfeeding women) Men: 300-350 mg/day Actual individual requirements depend on …

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Zechsal pure magnesium information

Zechsal Pure Magnesium is an ancient mineral From The Zechstein Sea. The active ingredient in Zechsal is magnesium chloride, a mineral in its purest and most effective form. Zechsal products contain the highest possible concentration of pure magnesium. What Is magnesium Magnesium is the third human life-essential after oxygen and water. Magnesium encourages more than …

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Magnesium deficiency symptoms


Symptoms of magnesium deficiency initially include: Appetite loss Fatigue Nausea Vomiting Weakness As the deficiency progresses, you may experience: Numbness and tingling Seizures Muscle cramps Personality changes Abnormal heart rhythms If you experience any of the following symptoms, this could indicate that you may need to boost your magnesium intake. Poor sleep patterns Night-time muscle …

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Function of magnesium


Magnesium is involved in more than 300 essential metabolic reactions, some of which are discussed below. Energy production The metabolism of carbohydrates and fats to produce energy requires numerous magnesium-dependent chemical reactions. Magnesium is required by the adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-synthesizing protein in mitochondria. ATP, the molecule that provides energy for almost all metabolic processes, exists …

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Magnesium in nature


In nature, magnesium can be found in many different forms, bonded with other atoms, such as: • Magnesium chloride found naturally in the sea• Magnesite also known as magnesium carbonate the insoluble rock salt• In plant matter, as the central element in chlorophyll An easily accessible form of magnesium is magnesium chloride. Because it is …

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The importance

Along with calcium, magnesium promotes the development of strong bones. A good balance between magnesium and calcium is essential. Too much calcium and too little magnesium results in calcification in the veins, muscles and joints. Magnesium plays a significant role in energy supply, metabolism and muscle contraction because of the role that it plays in …

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What is magnesium

zechsal magnesium

Magnesium is the third human life essential after oxygen and water. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of different activities in the human body. Our immune, cardiovascular and nerve system all need magnesium to function properly, it serves literally hundreds of functions within the human body’s cells. Magnesium cannot be manufactured by the body it must …

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Topical absorption

topical absorption

Many people could use more of this essential mineral. The magnesium content of food is ever decreasing. Zechsal topical magnesium chloride absorbs optimally through the skin (the human largest organ) and makes its way straight to our cells, muscles and bones where needed. A safe, convenient, and easy method of increasing magnesium levels in our …

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Low level in the body

Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is an electrolyte disturbance in which there is a low level of magnesium in the human body. Magnesium deficiency in humans is more and more common nowadays and can be mild or severe. Research shows that 70%-80% of the population has magnesium deficiency. Statistics by the World Health Organization (WHO) Foods high in …

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Find Zechsal magnesium @Biofoot

biofoot dubai

BIOFOOT® is an innovative Podiatry & Foot healthcare company with 18 years of experience in foot, ankle and lower extremities health, now located in Dubai, UAE. Advanced Technology For Your Foot Health. Zechsal Magnesium flakes for a foot bath is a wonderful way to take a moment of rest and at the same time …

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