Zechsal Magnesium

The whole extensive product line of Zechsal involves pure magnesium chloride,a mineral in its purest and most effective form. Zechsal products contain the highest possible concentration of pure magnesium from the 250 million years old Zechstein Sea. A wide range of products with pure magnesium naturally absorbed through the skin, once inside the cells, it does its therapeutic work. All products are certified by Zechstein Inside hallmark,GMP,HACCP-regulations and produced according to the guidelines of the BDIH.

Zechsal MCM Gel


Zechsal MCM gel has specially been developed for the treatment of inflamed joints. It relieves joint pain, stops inflammation and encourages recovery from injuries. Contains a high dose of natural magnesium from the unique Zechstein source. Enriched with chondroitin, OptiMSM® and ginger. A unique product with natural ingredients with strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect. • Natural …

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Zechsal Detox

Zechsal Detox

Zechsal Detox contains top-quality sodium bicarbonate which is full of antiseptic properties and a great alkalizing agent. Guaranteed free of aluminum and 100% natural. Deacidifying the body Drains waste substances from the body Supports the immune system Treats gout and other joint problems An amazing exfoliator for the skin Treats acne Product Details Ingredients: sodium …

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Zechsal Balancing Cream


Zechsal Pure Elements cream is all about balance. The prebiotic and nourishing composition corresponds to the contents of our skin cells. This osmotic balance leads to optimum absorption of the nutrients in the cream by the cells. This velvety soft cream contains ancient magnesium from the Zechstein source, as well as the energy booster NADH, …

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Zechsal Amenities Gift Box

Zechsal amenities gift box

Zechsal Amenities are the perfect gift for everyone you cherish. The Zechsal Amenities are easily to take with you while you travel, making every journey a breeze. Your health begins with feeling good. It is our passion to help you relax and rebound from the stresses of life with pure magnesium from the Zechstein Sea. …

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Zechsal Deodorant

Magnesium deodorant

This new and innovative Zechsal magnesium deodorant roll-on has a high percentage of pure magnesium. Made of 100% natural ingredients for optimal natural odor-free long-term effects and application. Perfume and aluminum free! High percentage of magnesium Magnesium chloride reduces excess sweating Optimum protection against body odor caused by perspiration Naturally-sourced active ingredients Unscented: fresh fragrance …

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Zechsal Hair and Body Wash


Zechsal Hair and Body Wash contains the healing properties of pure magnesium strengthened by vitamin-rich Irish moss. Magnesium is essential for healthy hair and skin Two in one: Shampoo & Body Wash 100% natural produced according to BDIH guidelines Prevents and cures a dry and itchy scalp and body Ideal against limp and lifeless hair …

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Zechsal Body Cream

Zechsal pure magnesium body cream

A powerful Body Cream with the healing properties of magnesium and the gentle qualities of Shea butter and vitamin E. key in hydrating, repairing and replenishing cells. Daily use will moisturize and hydrate the skin, improving elasticity and overall skin health. Softens and soothes the skin Improves your magnesium balance Ideal for dry or irritated …

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Zechsal Body Gel

Zechsal pure magnesium body gel 125ml

Magnesium Gel is a form of topical magnesium, a new method of magnesium supplementation designed to deliver magnesium rapidly into the cells. A superior way to replenish magnesium levels, improving skin health and natural muscle repair. Highly targeted application Prevents and cures muscle injuries Restores magnesium levels in the body Regulated release for sustained delivery …

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Zechsal Magnesium Oil

Zechsal Magnesium Oil

Zechsal Pure Magnesium Oil is pure and powerful. The ultimate way to replenish your magnesium level. Scientifically proven method of magnesium supplementation. The world most recommended magnesium oil Ultra-pure and highly concentrated Faster recovery after exertion Stimulates rejuvenation of the skin Immediate relief and prevention of cramps Effective for stress relief and relaxation Highly therapeutic …

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Zechsal Bath Flakes


Zechsal Magnesium Flakes are ideal for replenishing the body with this essential mineral, promoting overall well-being, aiding skin health and relaxing muscles, effectively relieving tension and stiffness. Effective for stress relief and relaxation Encourages a natural restful sleep Stimulates rejuvenation of the skin Prevents muscle injuries Faster recovery after sport Highly therapeutic for skin conditions …

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