Zechsal Bath Flakes

Zechsal Magnesium Flakes are ideal for replenishing the body with this essential mineral, promoting overall well-being, aiding skin health and relaxing muscles, effectively relieving tension and stiffness.

  • Effective for stress relief and relaxation
  • Encourages a natural restful sleep
  • Stimulates rejuvenation of the skin
  • Prevents muscle injuries
  • Faster recovery after sport
  • Highly therapeutic for skin conditions
  • Cleansing, purifying and renewing
  • Suitable for all ages and during pregnancy

Product Details

Zechsal Bath Flakes are available in: 0,75Kg jar- 2,0Kg jar – 4,0Kg jar and 4Kg Refill Packaging.


Zechsal Pure Magnesium Bath Flakes – Spa Treatment Refill Pack 4Kg

Rejuvenating Magnesium Immersion Spa Treatment. Warm water infused with pure magnesium from the perfectly preserved 250 million years old ancient Zechstein Sea. The body has the amazing ability to absorb the magnesium ions through the skin bringing minerals to your cells and carrying oxygen to your muscles.

Decisively designed to holistically replenish and re-mineralise the body with this pure essential mineral. Sustain, balance and strengthen your health & wellbeing from within, addressing the excesses of living modern life, a blissful sensory experience naturally soothing with an elevating and relaxing effect on body and mind.

Low magnesium is known as the silent epidemic of our times. Due to the increase of processed foods and the availability of fast foods which doesn’t contain sufficient magnesium anymore.

Product Application and Usage

Taking a magnesium-rich bath provides a gentle and effective method of supplementation. Zechsal magnesium is absorbed topically through the skin for rapid absorption into the cells.

The human skin is the body’s largest organ it has an amazing ability to absorb the magnesium into the entire body through the skin and restores the magnesium levels in your body.

Simply dissolve 125 grams of the magnesium flakes into your bath or foot-bath and let the magnesium soak in for about 15-20 minutes. It is not possible to take in too much topical magnesium, since any excess magnesium will simply be expelled by the body.

Today’s leading nutrition experts consider magnesium supplementation essential.

Zechsal Magnesium delivers fast with lots of therapeutic benefits. It contains essential elements that no longer exist in ocean water today and is totally free of any toxic contaminant.